Do you undertake legal action?
Our primary focus is to recover money by negotiation rather than by confrontation. This concept usually meets both our clients philosophy of not wanting their public images upset by debt recovery action. In addition, given the current economic circumstances in the UK, heavy handed collection processes are neither appropriate, nor are they as effective as our recovery techniques.

Do you charge a subscription?
Our debt recovery service is usually offered on a No Result - No Fee basis. Chargeable items include tracing and credit management services which are offered on a fixed fee basis.

What debts do you collect?
We collect debts in the UK, Eurozone and worldwide, accepting payments in Sterling, Euros and US Dollars. Debt values handled are from £5 - £0000's and can be up to 6 years old. Our commission rates reflect the debt values, the length of time they have been outstanding and the amount of work that has been undertaken before we are instructed.